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The Power of Day 1

We can go through the Bible and read about quite a few “Day 1″ moments and so many of them are built with anticipation. In Joshua 6 we read the story of Joshua and the...

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Panic versus Trust

Ever been in an emergency situation with a group of people? For some, that moment is the time run around with their hands flailing around. pacing and saying “oh no” every 2 seconds. Then...

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Doing God’s Will

I was reading this today in my devotional from My Utmost For His Highest by Oswald Chambers: To choose to suffer means that there is something wrong; to choose God’s will even if it... 0

Dare To Dream

At our church, we are currently going through our God at the Movies series. Yesterday, Pastor Jerry McQuay, spoke a message using The Secret Life of Walter Mitty as the illustration and one of...