Day 3 – Plyo XT – TapouT XT

So this morning I woke up ready to work out! The Plyo XT Workout was INTENSE and difficult to do the full jumps in our 3rd floor apartment but id as many as possible. I would have to say that I only completed 50% of the workout overall but saw it through the end and did every exercise.

Plyometrics: Insanity vs. P90X vs. TapouT XT

The difference between TapouT XT and Insanity was the premise of the moves. With Insanity the moves are based on basic plyometrics or athletic contexts while TapouT XT uses an MMA context. Insanity also keeps the moves simpler and repetitive while keeping a high intensity. TapouT XT is just as intense and perhaps more difficult than Insanity Plyo and the moves can often be more complex as well; furthermore, the routine is fast moving and combats boredom in your workout. While some moves in TapouT XT build on one another, you do not have the sense of sets or repetition that you get in both Insanity or P90X.

P90X Plyo was very clear and easy to follow for anyone and the workout really built up to a climax. TapouT XT is  just Climax with 2 moments that were called stretches and was very hard to finish. I find the instructor, Mike Karpenko, easier to see day in and day out, while Tony Horton is good but a little overwhelming on a daily basis. I like both P90X Plyo and TapouT XT but it seems P90X PLyo is easier to do in an apartment.

Overall, TapouT XT is a better routine for me that can give me a full workout without dumb bells. The people in the workout video seem normal where the ones in Beachbody workout videos seem to be super human, especially the dude in the Ab routine in P90X (those who X, know what I mean).

Workout Stats

Min: 51:30
Avg HR: 145
Calories Burned: 685

Tip of the day: Get plenty of sleep!

Joshua Moran

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  • Jason

    Man this was a great workout. my legs where on fire.