Mr Coffee Keurig Model: BVMC-KG5-001 Review

Mr Coffee KeurigSix weeks ago I went to Walmart and bought the Mr. Coffee Keurig for our office and the machine was working great and the only complaint I had was that the water cover would always fall off. I then decided to buy the ame machine for my home and it was working great for us at home as well.

Last week, the unit I have at home started to not make the right amount of coffee as was being selected. I would choose the larger cup setting and it would take in 2-3 ounces of water and make what looked and tasted like an espresso shot. Assuming it was user error, I then tried it again and it has been having that problem ever since.

Today at the office, I went to make a cup of coffee and the same exact thing happened on the Mr. Coffe Keuring at the office. What is the chance of the same machine model having the identical issue at two different locations with the same owner? Not likely unless it is a known issue with the manufacturing of the machine. I have cleaned out the exit needle and done descaling to no avail.

DO NOT buy the Mr. Coffee Keurig, spend an extra $20 and get the Mini Keurig System  or better. I have posted on the Mr Coffee Facebook and awaiting some resolution.

Model: BVMC-KG5-001

I took a small video of what the problem is below


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  • Jen Marable

    I ran it through their recall qualification and there’s a difference of a single number in the model number, therefore making it not a part of the recall.

  • Josh Moran

    I was contacted by Mr. Coffee and was told they would replace both of my units as soon as the model came back in stock. It has been 6 days since the contact so we shall see if the replacements get shipped.

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  • Russ

    SAme problem -I purchased the Mr Coffeee single cuo to replaceKeurig Mini that also stopped working but lasted 7 months – the Mr. Coffee did not last 4 months BOTH are Junk. Don’t wast your time. Tried to figure out how to contact Mr Cofee – or Keurig, that is a an almost impossible task.

  • Sgt's Wife

    yep mine worked fine the first few weeks. Then notessed water on the counter, thinking it was the kids spilling it when they put water in it. I started doing it, then then seen the water again. So it leaks, I have to take the tank out at night or there is water all over the counter.

  • Scottmillerwv

    Mine also quit brewing the large cup only the small ones

  • Donna Miller

    I had the recalled model for 2 years without an issue. You do have to run cleaners through on occasion to make sure you don’t have any clogged tubes or anything, don’t need expensive cleaners, just run one cycle with vinegar then clear water. Frequency depends on how often it’s used.

  • SnoDa

    I have the same machine. I’ve run into the brewing cup problem when I try to make 2 cups back-to-back. First cup works fine (lg cup) but the second cup (lg cup) on fills about half way.

  • Kim_labahn

    I bought this machine today. I followed the instructions and ran water the first two runs. When I did the third run, during the heating cycle I opened up the brew head and dropped in a Kcup and the brew light started flashing. I haven’t been able to make it do anything. Any suggestions?

  • Joshua Moran

    Do you still have the issue? I would contact Mr Coffee, they helped me and replaced both of the machines. So far the new machine at work is still working fine. The biggest change we made was to not use filtered water

  • Rachel

    I completely agree spend extra and get the real Keurig. My machine lasted just over a year so of course it is out of warranty and all they can do is give me 15% off a new one which is not worth it if the machine can barely last a year. Like your machine my also only puts out a couple of ounces of water then shuts off.

  • Nancy Henning Weres

    Mine suddenly stopped working; it would boil only 1/3 of the water. Then I went to the website and it had been recalled due to an explosion problem! My guardian angel saved me again!

  • Cynthia Gioco

    Same thing happened with mine as well. I would select the larger size, and only about 4 ounces came out, and THAT was lukewarm at best. I agree on spending the extra $20-30 and getting the real deal. So far…ALL appliance type products I have purchased from WalMart are TERRIBLE! From the vacuum cleaners, to the hair dryers, to this coffee maker. I will never buy a product that is more sophisticated than a soup spoon from WalMart again…same holds true for Mr Coffee products now too. Thanks for the review.

  • jeffy

    Same thing here. got a replacement on warranty and 4 months later it’s the same story.

  • Philip Lowran

    Got Mine 2 Days before christmas for the wife, it just started doing this, and now the brew light just blinks fast

  • Sharon Devoll

    Wish I had read this before I bought mine. It is now doing the same thing. There is no way of checking to see if there is a blockage in the tubing without destroying the machine. This is a poor design. I guess I go back to brewing a pot and reheating what I don’t drink.

  • Joshua Moran

    Sharon, if you contact mr coffee via Facebook they will contact you and get you a brand new machine. My replacement is now starting to do the same thing though. I have Keurig brand at home and it has worked flawlessly.

  • patricia

    Went to use my machine that I got on Feb 2nd, 2013..and haven’t used for a long time (since Mid March). Put water into the internal part but ever brewed into my cup. Not sure if the tubing is clogged, and if vinnager going through would help at all. Going to try contacting them via facebook.

  • Pony Wrangler

    I got my first coffee maker like this in December 2012 & it did the same thing by March 2013, brewed a few ounces. Mr. Coffee sent me a new one which I just used this week. On the fourth day it just made a groaning sound & the red light blinked a little & it shut down. I don’t want another one!

  • Pony Wrangler

    P. S. mine isn’t the recall model either but they replaced it.

  • chuckey

    I had the same problem, boiled the water but no coffee came through. Contacted Mr Coffee advised to put a paper clip or thin wire up inside the needle that pierces the K cup, did as instructed and the machine works fine. I have had to do this acouple of times since, but it always works

  • chapcat

    I bought 2 Mr Coffee Keurig machines at Christmas time, one for my husband and one for my son. Both are having the same problems and started doing so within WEEKS of first use. Problems: Will not deliver the correct amount of water as selected; will not deliver ANY water, period! I’ve cleaned it with vinegar as per instructions; sometimes I can get it going but today is a complete bust and I’ve spent over an hour trying to get it to work! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON MR COFFEE KEURIG MACHINES YOU WILL BE VERY UNHAPPY WITH YOUR PURCHASE.

  • Sheila

    I did this and it worked Once! after that back to the old issue, took it apart at the needle cleaned it out and it just isn’t working, no more than an once or two comes out. I agree just don’t buy this product it’s a waste. Spend the money and get the high end brand.

  • Jana

    My machine is having the same issue of not delivering enough water. How will NOT using filtered water help? I thought we were doing the right thing by specifically using filtered water to avoid scaling and buildup. Please advise.

  • google-me