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Each client we have the privilege to work with will always get a good dose of advice regarding Social Media. Not every social media outlet or tool is right for every business, and this is where JM Media and Design enjoys coming along side each and every one of our clients. What is the right Social Media outlet and resources for your company or project?

Should I Use Paid or Free Social Media Tools?

This question is easy for us to answer if we knew deeper information about your business, project, or blog. I will advise most clients to invest into tools such as HootSuite for a small monthly fee to start because the tools are powerful enough to help any business owner, web manager, or employee to focus in on the company brand via Social Media outlets.

The saying, "You get what you pay for" still rings true! Free tools are great if you are only managing your personal profiles and twitter account, and for this purpose we always recommend Seesmic.  If your company has yet to utilize social media for marketing and branding, then we also suggest you hire a professional to advise, setup accounts, design custom pages and backgrounds, and help set you in the right direction. Of course we cannot help but give a shameless plug for own Social Media Packages, so click on and get started!

I Am Overwhelmed By the #, ^, @, and Crazy SM Talk!

So you worked hard your whole life to climb the ladder, get a great degree, start a lucrative business, and now... your getting beat by a custom T-Shirt store online run by a 17 year old who wins customers with tweets like:

Come get #trickedup with @CrazyTees and save 25% #discounts with #couponcode 45holla today only!

When you see tweets like this, you may just throw your hands in the air and feel like this is foreign territory, but there is hope. While we would love to help you understand Social Media lingo and get you tweeting like a pro right now, the learning curve is short and mistakes are only 140 characters long. This means for every blundered tweet you do (everyone does it), you just need to have a few winners and people start to forget.

The key is to just get started right away with getting our there, but you should consider doing it right. It is better to get started setting up all your facebook, linkedin, youtube, and twitter accounts versus sitting around wondering if this is for you. How many companies waited around wondering if they should get a domain and a simple website and regretted waiting that long?!

Making an impact in your marketplace requires effort, but most importantly it requires doing something about it!

Call us at (972) 351-7295 for a custom quote for your Web Design and Social Media needs!

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