iPad and iPhone have WiFi limitations

I have been a Mac fan and user for over 7 years now, and abide by the code, "once you go Mac, you don't go back"! That being said, I conducted a simple and honest experiment regarding wifi strength of Mac devices, specifically the iPhone 3G, the iPad, and my Macbook Pro 15. I posted a review of Clear Internet services yesterday and thought the following info may help somebody who is scratching their head over the issue of internet speeds on their mobile devices at home and traveling.

The iPad and iPhone 3G

My internet connection here in the office is rated for 16 Mbps and up to 2 Mbps for upload. My office is about 30 feet from the wireless router that connects to the modem and network here, and I have registered speeds on both my iPad and iPhone that are much lower than my internet connection.


Ping - Average between 97 and 110 ms

Download- average 2.8 Mbps

Upload - average 1.8 upload

iPhone 3G

Ping - Average between 89 and 107 ms

Download- average 2.9 Mbps

Upload - average 1.9 upload

Macbook Pro

Ping - Average between 120 and 145 ms

Download- average 13.8 Mbps

Upload - average 1.95 upload

I later placed my ipad dock and iPhone right next to my wireless router and ran a few tests. I got these results on the iPad and iPhone:

iPad docked next to router

Ping - Average between 80 and 88 ms

Download- average 10.1 Mbps

Upload - average 1.9 upload

iPhone next to router

Ping - Average between 128 and 139 ms

Download- average 4.1 Mbps

Upload - average 1.95 upload


The conclusion to my Wifi experiment does not end there (See the results of the Clear Internet services for more data). Basically the results are clear. The iPad has a much weaker wireless receiver than a Macbook or desktop for sure. The iPad rates close with the iPhone, but will have a limit to downlaod speeds with nothing higher than 4 or 5 Mbps period. The iPad does not necessarily have any limits built into the device to cap download speeds, but the tiny processor (A4) most likely limits the speed to a certain degree. For what it is worth, I still love the iPad, iPhone, and Macbook, and like children, they each have a different personality but somehow complete my Apple family here.

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