Mac OS X Lion and Adobe CS 5.5 Master Collection

I wanted to wait a month or so before upgrading from Snow Leopard to Lion and glad I did. Yesterday I upgraded to Mac OS X Lion and it took about 40 minutes to download (18 mbps connection) and about 35-40 minutes to install. Spending some hours on my Mac since yesterday I have realized some small quirks, but I am pleased overall. Besides, you have to love the $30 price tag and the download from the Mac App Store!

Mac OS X Lion

During the day I am a web developer/designer/marketer and social media consultant, and my use of Adobe Master Collection is pretty vast and a daily need. As promised I will let you know how I see the compatibility between Adobe CS 5.5 and Lion.

Java Warning

Please note that once you install Lion, your Mac will no longer have Java installed. Adobe CS 5,5 requires Java to operate, but fret not... the Java download did not require a Ethernet-only connection. Once I tried to open Dreamweaver it requested me to download Java. This took all of 6 minutes total and I was already working in Dreamweaver.

Dreamweaver 5.5

Besides needing to download Java, I opened Dreaweaver 5.5 without a problem in Lion and I was able to do some web editing without a glitch. As a side note, having Dreamweaver 5.5 is a must upgrade considering the HTML 5 code hints now built in.

Photoshop 5.1

Photoshop opened a little slow, but I expected this the first time. I opened one of my custom business card PSD files and instantly I was given the font missing warning. I knew then that Lion and Adobe had a modified library issue. If you are like me and have had your custom and premium fonts loaded in your user library before transitioning to Lion, you will be required to copy over the fonts to the Main Library.

Copy Fonts Over

Hidden Library Folder

  1. With Finder Open, click on Go ---> Go To Folder
  2. Type ~/Library and Click Go
  3. A Finder Window Opens with the user folder, go to Library ---> Fonts
  4. Select All Your Fonts (Command - A) and Copy them (Command - C)
  5. In Finder Click on your Main HD
  6. Go to Library---> Fonts
  7. Paste in all your fonts (Command - V)
  8. Your Done

The Rest of CS5.5

I did not have any problems opening or doing minor work in the rest of the Adobe CS 5.5 Suite, but I will continue to update this post with any bugs I find in my working with the two together. I did have about 585 MB of new Adobe updates and  to download so be sure to do that before you start trashing your studio or workspace out of frustration, it may help. Below I have added some other programs I work with daily that were or were not affected by Lion if anyone cares.

Logos Bible Software

Unfortunately, it seems that Logos crashes every now and then with Mac OS X Lion, but an update is now installing via Logos and it seems to be stable. Must have my Logos working!

Socialite (App)

This program opened just fine, but it is running really slow. If you rely on Socialite then be warned, Lion slows down Socialite.


Running with no problems

Microsoft Office For Mac 2008

So far my Office programs are working just fine.

ProPresenter 3

For ProPresenter Users: No I have not upgraded to 4 yet! ProPresenter 3 works great with Lion.

Quickbooks 2011 Mac

Works just fine!

Audacity 1.3.13 Beta

Audacity recorded and worked great with Mac OS X Lion

I would caution against any upgrade if you are using CS 5 or below as some of the problems with Lion will never be eradicated according to Adobe. All in all, the Mac OS X Lion Upgrade went pretty seamless, had little impact on my daily routine, and Adobe CS 5.5 is working great so far. I will update and add any further reviews to this post. Even better, feel free to comment below with any of your bugs or questions!




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3 comments on “Mac OS X Lion and Adobe CS 5.5 Master Collection”

  1. As promised, I said I would update with new findings about Lion and some of my Adobe software or others. I have found some bugs that are pretty annoying:

    When using the eraser in Photoshop 5.1 I was required to click on another layer in order to see the erasing I had done.

    Firefox 4 has crashed quite a bit.

    More to come as I experience it...

  2. Any page I build that has Flash in it, the Flash portion does not show up on the site at all. I tried every fix I can think of, just doesn't work. Using my old machine to patch for now, but it's a horrible way to work. I'm not nearly enamored of CS5.5 and Lion as you are...

    1. Westguy, I have used flash to build facebook pages with the upgrade to Lion and they all show up just fine online and in my flash editor. I am not enamored by Lion at this point, was just simply giving a review of how the upgrade went.



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