Mac OS X Lion Crashing Macbook Pro

For many Mac users the excitement of Mac OS X Lion and the features promised almost trumped the caution to quickly upgrade. I was one of those that jumped into the upgrade within 6 weeks of release, and I can honestly say the OS problems I have experienced are higher than any other upgrade I have made over the last 8 years.

I am writing this particular post to really address the video card issue that many Macbook Pro users are experiencing with Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2 and how to alleviate some of the problems. I searched and called Apple Care multiple times and was told to send my crash reports. I noticed that when I used my external 24 inch TV/Monnitor that I was really having problems with the Macbook waking up, identifying the screen, and most importantly getting the dreaded gray curtain “Kernel Panic”. I affectionately call that error Col. Panic!

This problem was causing my website design work to be interrupted daily over the last few weeks. I went through every application wondering which one was causing the issue and the common denominator was always the display/video card. So after some research I am put together some info that will hopefully help other users with the same issue.

  • Navigate to ~/Library/Preferences/ByHost/ (this is hidden)
  • Delete any files that contain "windowserver”
  • Restart your Macbook.

The procedure may need to be repeated if you regularly connect to an external monitor once it is also connected.  The problem is with the NVIDIA drivers for the 2010 Macbook Pro, so hopefully NVIDIA will solve this issue quickly.

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