Pocket Informant App Review - iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

My life can get pretty hectic when it comes to maintaining a proper schedule, getting tasks done on time, and dedicating enough time to everything I am responsible for. If you are like me and have either multiple jobs or a vast amount of hobbies and vounteer activities, you can easily get overwhelmed when you lack a good system that not only reminds you when tasks are due, but give you the Macro picture of your life.

I personally use this iPhone and iPad app for my own scheduling and I highly recommend it. The following video gives you a little taste of the app on both an iPhone 3G and iPad.

[youtube XvZTXso4aB8]

Remember that you cannot sync your actual google tasks, but at this point you cannot do that with any task manager app at this point due to the Google Task API not being open. For the price this app is a great buy for both the iPhone (iPod Touch) and iPad.


  • iPhone: $12.99
  • iPad: $14.99

The website is very informative on its many features and you can check out the app at www.pocketinformant.com

They also have made the app available for Blackberry and Android.

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Written by jmoran77

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