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I posted earlier about the Canon HG10 and iLife 08. I wanted to bring my findings and hopefully steer someone else in the right direction. After reading many forums and reviews I decided to change my order from a Canon HG10 to a Canon HV20. The Canon HV20 is an HD camcorder that uses Mini-DV versus HDD.

The reason I changed to a Mini-DV camcorder is because HDD cameras and especially AVCHD types, lose picture quality once decompressed through iMovie and iMovie is one of the only programs that can edit AVCHD formats. Basically the best picture you get on an AVCHD camcorder is through the viewing screen of the camcorder itself. The unfortunate part of not buying the HG10 is that you lose the ability to use the tapeless features of iMovie in iLife 08, but the picture quality has little loss with the HV20 and it cost less as well.

Now I have unfortunate news regarding how and whom, I bought the Canon HV20 is bait-and-switch scheme, a sham. The shopping comparison site is also a front fro these groups of websites that advertise the cameras for 50% off retail then they call you to tell you you must buy the battery and charger for $300.

I told them no thank you as I found the accessories on ebay, and they hung up on me. I called a week later and they said it was out of stock and that it would take weeks on backorder. I then hung up and called about 30 minutes later with another name and tried to order the same camera with the full package and wamo! They instantly found a model available and in stock. I then referred to my order number from the week before and they hung up again. I called back and all of a sudden the customer service center message told me they were closed because it was after hours. Problem was it was 1 PM CST. Also these supposed companies have the same type of website setup and affiliated with as well:


I say stay away from these false advertising companies and stick with legit retailers.

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2 comments on “The Canon HG10 and”

  1. Hi Josh:
    I am not sure if you had a bad experience with us or just read a blog saying we are a scam site. It is true that we offer optional accessories at time of purchase but all the prices you see on our website are the prices you will get when you order the camera on the phone or online. We have been in business for 30 years unlike most of these companies you listed and we make all of our sales based on reputation rather then price. If you have any questions or want to place an order on our site for the price you see with no hassle, you can shoot me an email at and I will get back to you promptly. 800-992-2237 xt287 if you have any questions. And if you are wondering I am not a salesmen, I am not sure if I can even take an order, but I am sure my boss would be willing to let it go, to show we are a sincere honest online retailer.

    Sincerely, Stan Gendlin
    Abes of Maine

  2. Stan,

    Sorry that your company was included in the list of potential scams, but shopcartUSA in itself hosts product listings from scam-ridden companies.

    I am glad you posted a comment and I will consider your company with any future camera purchases.



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