The Canon HG10 - AVCHD and the Mac

As a Mac owner I am happy with iLife and it’s many features, but I lacked a good camcorder for my family. My thing about iMovie being able to edit in HD was, “Great, like I will ever use that technology any time soon.” Well HD Camcorders are much more affordable to the consumer now.After watching the iLife ’08 guided tour, I was compelled to look for HD Camcorders for me and my family. I found a list of compatible camcorders on the apple site, and narrowed my search to Hard Drive based cameras with AVCHD fomat. This way any camcorder I choose will be able to use all the features involved in iMovie ’08.My search came to a good end as I found the Canon HG10 at for a whopping $369. Do not be fooled by the rock bottom price of $369 because any of these companies offer the camcorder only at that price. Then they will ask if you want the AC Charger priced at $179 and a battery priced at $129 which would make the camera a larger total of $677 which is still much cheaper than the retail price. Ecost sells the HG10 for $1099 and it usually never drops below $899.I decided to look for third-party adapters and chargers. I came up with some good results. On ebay a highly popular powerseller was selling an AC Adapter for $14.99 plus $8 shipping so I bought it. On ebay another reputable powerseller was selling 2 hour battery and charger for $3 plus $11 shipping so I bought it. Then I went on and bought the camcorder for $369 with free shipping and it came with a tripod, light, and lens cleaning kit.The online shopping experience can be detailed but at least it can all happen from your desk chair. I walked away with a Canon HG10, with everything I need, for $407 out the door including shipping, handling, and taxes. I will blog about the camcorder once I get all the products delivered to me.

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3 comments on “The Canon HG10 - AVCHD and the Mac”

  1. Well, I am about to post about the whole camera ordeal and my findings on the best cameras for the iLife 08. I will say I had to cancel my order because the company is a rip-off. I will post in a day or two



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